July 28, 2016



Publishing, Education (K-12, Higher Ed), Nonprofit Associations


We provide,


  • Business model strategy
  • Product/Platform innovation
  • Digital readiness assessments
  • Agile Team Health Assessments*


  • Interviews, diaries, in-place mobile
  • surveys, market studies, white papers
  • Technology evaluation
  • Vendor and platform research

Elicitation and Ideation:

  • Facilitated strategy workshops
  • Small group retreats
  • Product innovation design sprints
  • Innovation Games

Insight Capture and Modeling:

  • Service Design Blueprints
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Business Model Canvas
  • System/Ecosystem Mapping
  • Business Process Modeling/Improvement

Strategy To Execution:

  • Prototyping / Market Testing
  • Governance and Organizational Readiness
  • Go-To-Market Strategies


*Curtis Michelson is a certified Agility Health Facilitator through Agile Transformation, Inc.